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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Eden

This was a wonderful Christmas of dreams coming true. I was also able to visit Leila Miller, we've been friends since we were 12. I love being with the Millers because I feel as if I was with my family. I felt right at home for the holidays. They live in "Eden"--exactly true to the name--Gracey, Kentucky. It's so beautiful and peaceful here. Ryan (at the top) is great with the horses and takes care of the stables. Brother Miller taking in Blue (I think) from the pasture for the night.

Sister Miller is amazing! She works so hard with the horses and taught me a lot about living your dreams!
I love how work brings a family together, in so many wonderful ways. I loved being a part of their daily work, talking and walking, watching "National Treasurer" as a family, shopping and playing games.

Ty is an awesome helper with the horses. He works hard!

This is the same pink bike that Leila would ride around Belleville and Scott Air Force Base in Illinois when we were 12. Awesome, she still has it! Okay, any woman who can shovel manure in flip-flops and clean up this good as quick as she does; she is amazing because she not only has talents, she knows what do to with them and does it!
Ecclesiasticus 6:14:
A faithful friend is a strong defense: and he that hath found such an one hath found a treasure.


Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas Eve 2007! We opened our presents (from our storage unit...since our move in May 2007 we haven't seen our stuff because we wrapped it and put it under the tree)! So much fun! Jarad kept saying, "The only present I want to open and really need is the can opener!" We opened all the presents and still didn't find it! Who knows where that box of stuff went?!
In the afternoon, we went geo-caching and found two treasures...first, a tree swing and second, a Virginia magnet for our fridge of states we've lived in collection. Sweet!

A dream comes true! Jarad flew me to New York for Christmas (he was working)! It was my first flight with him flying a jet. I've flown with him in lots of other littler planes, but this, this was so so cool because it was my husband flying the jet. I've flown on lots of US Airways planes lately, but to know that Jarad was flying it was so exciting! I wanted to turn to the other passengers and say, "This is my husband flying!" I restrained myself and sat smiling quietly to myself. It's so wonderful to see people accomplish their dreams and to be a part of it! My dream was to see all of the beautiful Christmas lights, trees and windows in New York. We took a train to Grand Central Station, went to Rockefeller Square, Central Park and saw the window displays in Macy's. It was a blast!

I love this picture, because it looks like the M&M's are little thought bubbles popping up to the one big thought, "Be happy!"