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Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Fun

We went outside in our backyard and took some family portraits today. These are the best two when Cai actually looked at the camera instead of the geese walking by.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cai's Cousin Camping Trip

We love camping! Even more, we love camping with the Bradleys! We all met on August 11th at Lake Sherando to roast marshmellows and watch a meteorite shower!

We had so much fun with the babies, they both were great! Cai only cried once during the night, but it was a perfect wake -up call to catch the most beautiful shooting stars at 2 am! Good morning Happy Bailey! She's a doll!

Does Cai look like he's dressed for Alaska? We're prepping him. Yeesh, it was only about 59 at night, but I had him bundled up...maybe a bit too much.

In the morning, after a nice warm, no cold breakfast of cold cereal, provided by the Carter's (tee hee), we went hiking! It was a gorgeous morning as we talked and walked around the lake!

It's fun to go out camping, sleeping in the outdoors, but even better to be home sweet home! How could we not love our little Lake Smith! It's just as beautiful view out our window.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Welcome to Virginia Beach!
I love watermelon now!
I got my first pair of shoes today, August 15th.
I love to walk with Mommy!

I got my first high chair, sippy cup and sunglasses.

Okay, so I have some things to learn, like how to use this sippy cup....

I just want to say, "I love you all! Have a great day!"

More of my most favorite times from the Reunion, swimming at the Clarks. It's just so fun that Cai has so many fun guy cousins and uncles to play with him. I love teaching Cai how to swim.

Our family service project, July 24th. Even Cai came out to help! Heather and Shelly sanding the bottom while Shawn and Mom went to town on the top. It's so fun to work with family. They're the best.

Danilee, Jacob and Luci

July 21--First day of Big Fat Bunch Reunion.

Can you not get any cuter than Afton and Matthew?! All of the newbies are cuties, but I love these pictures. We had the best family reunion, thanks Brooke and Shawn & Danilee and Jacob! The theme was relying on the Lord. We had sort of a faith hike, where some of us were blind-folded or had some other type of struggle. I drew "hard of hearing" and well, in went the ear plugs. Honestly, Dad came right up to my face and yelled, "Jewels! You stepped right in it!" ...um doggie doodo on the shoe...you thought I was missing my eyesight. It was nice to "get my hearing back," shortly after that. Although, everyone wished their sense of smell was taken away.

Jarad and Shawn belayed everyone rock climbing. It was so fun!

Whose Grandma does this?

Sunday, August 10, 2008