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Friday, March 26, 2010

Back to blogging...perhaps.

I may get our family back into blogging, but without any guarantee for frequent updates or high quality posts. I know most blog readers are just looking at pics and because a picture = 1,000 words, you'll mostly be seeing photos with minimal comments while I'm the blog poster. --Jarad

Jewelene got our family a one year membership to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens so we'll be posting many pics throughout the year of the beautiful flowers, trees, wildlife, and of course ourselves in that setting.

Here's Cai enjoying a stroller ride just before falling asleep.

The world as Canon sees it. I'm pleased with our new camera, another Canon point and shoot. It seems to take some nice pics (or we seem to take some nice pics using it).

This type of flower (above) was actually in the tropical greenhouse garden.

This bald eagle shot I took through one of those viewing telescopes (thus the opaque quality).

This bird's nest (with brand new baby chicks) was just up on the other branch. The visitors center has a live web cam looking at the chicks in the nest.

Daddy and Cai. I had to tickle him to get a little smile. Lately he refuses to pose.

Just a little update on our family -

We moved back to Norfolk and we love it! Living out in the country (Franklin) was nice, but it sure is great to be close to work and close to a church, library, grocery store, beach, trails, etc.

We're enjoying serving in the Spanish branch in Virginia Beach and have had some great experiences with our hermanos there.

Jarad is still flying the friendly skies for Air Wisconsin Airlines (US Airways Express) and likes his career.

Jewelene will be having a baby girl sometime in the next 4 weeks (and she is feeling very ready). We're all excited for a new baby (just not looking forward to changing 2X diapers - Cai, get yourself potty trained please!).

Cai is learning and growing lots. He's so much fun and our life without him must have been extremely dull because now pretty much everything fun revolves around him.

We're also really enjoying apartment living again. I know everyone says owning a home is the American dream, but for us it was more of a nightmare (which still haunts us, and we don't plan on buying another house for a really long time). For those who didn't know it, our house in Franklin was basically destroyed by toxic mold (of the Aspergillus species) and we were forced to leave. We're still trying to sell the 2.6 acres of land with the moldy house and an old white barn if anyone is interested (the mold remediation and home repair could cost up to $40,000 so we don't plan on going back).

Check back for an update, but not TOO soon!