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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday!

On October 22nd, Cai and I flew to Phoenix. Sherri picked us up at the airport. We had a blast! It was so fun to surprise Nate when we picked him up from pre-school. We played through the afternoon with Grace and Nate, then surprised Kevan when he came home from work. It was so fun! Kevan walked in and said, "Hey, Spence...whoah, Jewelene...what? You're here?!"

Sherri planned a fabulous dinner for Kris. We tried to surprise him too, but a little bird had accidentally told him. He surprised me! I was trying to hide, but when he pulled up in the truck, he said, "Hey Jewelene!" as soon as he got out. It was funny!

Kevan gave Cai his berry smoothie--he loved it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Farm Friends

We went on an evening drive around our neighborhood...these are what our friends do. Cai loves playing outside, watching our neighbor drive back and forth on his tractor.
The fields are beautiful this time of year! It's one of my favorite times...I'm so excited to see all those green leaves turn brilliant Fall colors.
Our friends from the ward, the Kriigels, lent us their vacuum. Cai loved sucking on it...I'm still trying to get a good picture of that little tooth popping up! He's growning so fast. Enjoy life!

First Days on the Farm

The mornings are crisp and clear. We love it here. It's so fun to have our own home! It's a lot of work too! (No, we don't sleep in our tent in the barn, by the way).
Wow, moving in. What can we say. It's a mess! Especially when all we're doing is painting and painting and painting. Jarad and I took turns taking care of Cai--then, as soon as he was asleep, we'd get back to painting.
Peek-a-boy, yeesh, the biggest carrot! We hope to grow carrots this big next Summer.
Hey, look, there's a kitchen after all! WE finished painting on October 6th (except for the bathroom).
Cai and I love gardening in the afternoons, we were pruning the wild tomato plants behind him.