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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Card to You!

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas! Are you and your elves busy getting ready for the holidays? My family sure is! This is Cai, by the way…I have been learning so much this year! Even though I was born on Leap Day; I don’t know how to leap yet. I’ve learned how to crawl. Now, I am standing, while I hold onto furniture. My mommy says I look like a “monkey” walking around. I try to walk to Mommy and Daddy, but get a little scared and my knees buckle.

I love living in Franklin, Virginia. I especially love sitting on my Daddy’s lap while he drives his lawnmower. I’ve learned to eat big people food. My Mommy and Daddy love playing games with me. They turn off all the lights, except for the Christmas Tree-- while my Daddy holds a small flashlight up to his hand, I chase my shadow around and around in circles trying to catch it! It’s really funny and makes us all laugh. Well, I’m going to take a nap, but I love you!

Merry Christmas! Jarad and Jewels are writing to say THANK YOU. We were reading about the Ten Lepers with Jesus Christ; there was one who went back to thank Him for all He had done. We’re here to thank you for all you have done and do. WE are so thankful for great family and friends-- For the way you have live your lives so we know Christ by knowing you. We are thankful for this special season, Cai’s first Christmas and ours, as parents. It’s worth every minute of it!

Jarad is working on his Thesis right now. He’s getting his Masters in Aviation Science from Everglades University.

Jewels is working on her Thesis. She’s getting her Masters in Motherhood : ) . Jarad is the 12-18 yr olds Sunday school teacher. Jewels is the 2nd Counselor in Primary at Church.

We love living in Franklin, Virginia, having our own four walls and some dirt for the first time in our lives. We have been very blessed. We’re working on “reclaiming” our land - we have about 2 acres that we are cleaning up, pruning, and burning the dead wood and weeds. There’s lots of it. We dug 600 sq ft for a planting garden this spring and just put the fence around it. We’re just happy as wannabe farm folk can be. It’s a beautiful time of year to clean out the old and begin a new year.

We recognize the Lord and His love in all things. We are grateful for our blessings and weaknesses that bring us closer to Him, relying and trusting Him more and more. Give Him your heart, might, mind and strength. “Christmas means giving. The Father gave His Son, and the Son gave His life. Without giving there is no true Christmas, without sacrifice there is no true worship…Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift 2 Corinthians 9:15.” - Gordon B. Hinckley, Stand a Little Taller

We love you very much! Have a very merry Christmas!

Jarad, Jewelene and little Cai

p.s. It’s hard to get Cai to look at the camera!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The Canal Riverwalk in Richmond is one of the most beautiful riverwalks we've done. We went after Thanksgiving lunch at the Convention Centre in downtown Richmond.

I always love how Jarad stops to smell the roses. He seriously does...even when we are running for exercise! He's teaching Cai early.

James River in November, on a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. November 27, 2008

The bridges were burnt from 1865, where the Confederates had left Richmond they burnt the city and bridges so the Union was at a loss.

Cai is such a trooper! I love the kid! He's so good and fun. Jarad once said, so excitedly, "Jewels, he loves the same things we do!"


Cai had so much fun playing with Bailey and Joshy! He learned so much from them, once he warmed up! He started crawling on his hands and knees after seeing Bailey walk around every where! He had to keep up with her.

Okay, it was cold our "Thanksgiving" day, Jarad and Tucker left early on Saturday, the 22nd, to help clean up the yard at the Church. Then, they came home and cleaned up some more!

We had fun roasting some marshmallows after lunch, burning leaves, and taking Josh and Cai in the tractor for a ride around the yard. It was a great day~ especially that evening, mmmm...Katie's rolls and pies! Scrumptuous. My favorite part was everyone lying around the Christmas Tree afterwards while listening to the Utah vs. BYU football game. Just being with family is the best!


Friday, November 21, 2008 The Bradley's Arrived!

"Who are these people my size?" At first, when my cousins arrived, I was a little nervous...I mean, there's a little girl smaller than I who walks up to me and touches my face?!

"Yes! I'm cute, I walk, and pick up pumpkins all at the same time!"

Joshyboy, he's so fun! I love this kid! He brought out this toy and asked, "What does it do?" I said, "I'm not sure!" His response, "Hmmm." We're putting batteries into it for Christmas and giving it to Cai to find out what happens when you turn it on."

Trying to get pictures of the kids under the tree. Ha ha! Cai kept running off and wouldn't look at my camera! Makes for fun memories!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting ready for Two Thanksgivings and A Christmas!

On Friday, the 21st, Tucker and Katie came for our family Thanksgiving. We love family! I took this picture of Cai as he was helping me clean up for their coming. Wow, I really piled it on. He loves to hear the car noises as I push him around. I am just so thankful for being a mother, taking care of Cai. He's the greatest gift. He laughs so much. But, I think he makes us laugh more than we make him laugh. He's got his top tooth coming in and he learned how to crawl after seeing Bailey walk. My camera...hmmmm....where is it? Maybe a cute pilot hefted it after we visited him in Richmond for Thanksgiving. O'well, I'll post some fun pictures later--Happy Thanksgiving to all! Our little tree is about the only thing we have in our living room.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maymont Park- Richmond

Maymont~Italian Gardens and Children's Farm. November 13, 2008

From 1893 to 1925 Maymont was the home of the railroad tycoon James and Sallie Dooley. It's been preserved as a historic landmark with more than 100 acres. There's even a nature center, outdoor wildlife exhibits (bears and bird of prey were our favorites). It's open year round, so we'll be exploring there again on Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thankful for Fall

We're so thankful for Fall

for long walks and picnics in the park...

and Sunday drives in the countryside.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful to Vote

Cai, Jarad and I went down to vote in this historic election. We're so glad we enjoy that priviledge and exercise our rights.

We're thankful for America! We're grateful for our freedom, liberty and this beautiful land God has given us!

We kept our little sticker for such a memorable Election year.

Happy First Halloween!

We carved a Cai pumpkin. See it's front two teeth on the bottom--that's Cai!
HAAPPY HALLOWEEN! We stayed home to pass out candy--only one trick or treater came! It was Daddy! Dressed up as a pilot! (Actually he just got off work!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


On the day before we left Marshelle's, she took all of us to the Omaha Zoo. It is amazing! It's the best I've been to. There is a Desert Dome, complete with animals and fauna from a wide variety of deserts across the world. I loved going in there to warm up, it's cold in Nebraska. The place looks like the Bio-sphere. The most amazing exhibit is "Creatures of the Night"--crocs, beavers, alligators. Here were my two other favorite exhibits:

Jarad and Cai.

Shark attack--Aquarium had a glass tunnell, the fish were flying over us!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fontenelle Forest Omaha, NB

Adventuring down where Lewis and Clark explored along the Missouri River.

Marshelle and Hyrum

Fall, my favorite time of year. When the wind blew, Matt yelled out, "Catch a leaf! Catch a leaf!" It was so fun. I don't know why, but I'd never tried to do that before. Ya gotta have skill. Manning caught one. He looked up at me, holding his leaf proudly, and said, "See. It's easy."


You can't get any better than the 2007 Halloween Eve story. Marshelle accidentally got locked, with the boys, in her bedroom for hours. They broke out the food storage, starting munching on that while Matt (who wasn't there), was chowing on a really nice meal.

Creating Millett Memories

My nephew, Manning, is so fun! He's hilarious. My favorite was playing Hide n Seek with him. (Cause he always hid in the same spot)!

Cai loves people... and hiking. He was all geared up to visit Fontenelle Forest. It's so fun to see him interact with his cousins.

As soon as Marshelle picked us up from the airport, she took us out to the Children's Museum! What a blast! Cai loved playing there. Even though he couldn't keep up with Manning and Hyrum, he just watched and walked around (with me holding his fingers for balance-he's still wobbly). HYRUM

Little Evan and Marshelle.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday!

On October 22nd, Cai and I flew to Phoenix. Sherri picked us up at the airport. We had a blast! It was so fun to surprise Nate when we picked him up from pre-school. We played through the afternoon with Grace and Nate, then surprised Kevan when he came home from work. It was so fun! Kevan walked in and said, "Hey, Spence...whoah, Jewelene...what? You're here?!"

Sherri planned a fabulous dinner for Kris. We tried to surprise him too, but a little bird had accidentally told him. He surprised me! I was trying to hide, but when he pulled up in the truck, he said, "Hey Jewelene!" as soon as he got out. It was funny!

Kevan gave Cai his berry smoothie--he loved it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Farm Friends

We went on an evening drive around our neighborhood...these are what our friends do. Cai loves playing outside, watching our neighbor drive back and forth on his tractor.
The fields are beautiful this time of year! It's one of my favorite times...I'm so excited to see all those green leaves turn brilliant Fall colors.
Our friends from the ward, the Kriigels, lent us their vacuum. Cai loved sucking on it...I'm still trying to get a good picture of that little tooth popping up! He's growning so fast. Enjoy life!