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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Cai in front of the largest pumpkin I've ever seen.  Our neighbor
grew it, just right around the corner up from our place.  1723 pounds.

Fall "Spooky" hike up McHugh Creek Trail to the tops of the rocks for lunch.  We kept hearing noises in the brush, like breaking branches and what not...saw a lot of moose droppings, but didn't run into any.

Pumpkin on a diet.  He lost a lot of his stuffing at our ward's Fall Carnival that the YW and YM put on for the Primary children.  Cai and I made up his costume, it was a lot of fun, but at the last minute, he wanted to be a dinosaur.  Once we had him all dressed up, and brought him into the activity, he totally forgot about everything else.  He loved the jumping castle, eating the donut off the stick, pinning the nose on the jack-o-lantern, coloring, duck hunting and fishing for candy.  The best part was the "Haunted Maze" in the Primary room.  Cai kept sneaking to the front of the line as soon as he came out to just go back in again, adults weren't aloud in b/c the kids had to crawl through the maze.  Jarad finally caught him by his foot, after about his eighth time sneaking to the front of the line.  He's fast!

Unidentifiable squash...the green thing...a zuchinni??