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Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Fun

Lake Eklutna

sunny picnic and cool trees

musk ox

balancing act
winner creek, girdwood

lots of slippery snow
that melted by the time mom and dad returned home

hottie with his plane
"freight done right!"

inside of the B737
moving a car

"Cai's King Air."  he tells us what he owns all the time

midnight hike
susitna, "sleeping lady"

Point Warenzoff
Jarad first purposed here
the ring didn't fit
so he
sized it,
purposed the second time
up in the Chugach mountains
on a hike

around 12:30a.m.

midnight sun
view from the cockpit

top of the world
barrow, alaska
around 3:00a.m.

alaska railroad
kenai mountains backdrop 
Cai and I went birding at Potter's Marsh

he was more interested in the little spider's webs

hiking buddies

cai was also more interested in mowing the grass by hand

firecracker flowers

After birding, we visited the temple, talking and walking
around the sacred grounds
on June 4~ Flower Festival

southern view of anchorage
the temple's up the road,
but you can't see it from here


Mom and Dad Gurr's Visit

we decorated our little package

thunderbird falls

who made it to the bottom of the falls?

all of us!

i love this pic of mom and dad

great times together

cai has so much fun playing 'hike and seek'
kayaking at UAA

Sunday walk at UAA

our little Alaskan brown bear

thanks for watching cai so we could have a blast on the Coastal Trail
we biked from downtown and passed this baby moosey along the way
so fun to take Cai and Mom and Dad to the same place where Jarad
and I took pictures right after he proposed

yeah for frisbee golf champs...check out cai there
downtown anchorage

what more could we say,
complete serenity

more frisbee golf at Kincaid park

anchorage below

hiking blueberry hill

love ya mom and dad

more to come...another day