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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Visit to Family in Utah Friday, November 16-19th, 2007

Happy Fall Season from Virginia Beach! Before we left to Utah, we went to the Cape Henry Lighthouse on Fort Story. The lighthouse on the right (the small one) was the original built in 1792! The first lighthouse built by the government! There's our little truck: Driven from Coast to Coast and down the Alcan. The highlight of our Utah Trip was 1. seeing family--especially Cheryl perform as "Rosie" in Bye, Bye Birdie. She was phenomenal. 2. No snow! We couldn't believe how warm and dry it is there...so we all went outside and played... with Mason....

The big kids played too!On Sunday morning, we went to Church with my sister and her family. Little Daniel and Emma are adorable. I wish I had a picture of Emma walking in the skirt my sister, Jana, made for her. It doesn't have any slits to let Emma walk easily, so Emma looks like a toy soldier, woddling along. It's so funny.

After Church, we read books and played puzzles. Mom Carter gave us a gift and Jana threw us a little baby boy shower-giving us a gift for a little girl...(ha ha! It's so awesome! She even bought one for my two other sisters little girl's--one has two boys and the other is yet to be married... )-Thanks for your thoughtfulness Jana. She even had a fun name game with prizes. We had a great time with the Carter's and the Rupp's! We love our Utah Families and Friends!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Carter's to the Gurr's-October 30-November 6

October 30, 2007--Happy Birthday Kevan! We met together at Westwood Seminary to celebrate with him! What a fun tradition (this is the second time!) We went to the temple with Mom and Dad. I love receiving hugs from them in the Celestial Room. After, we went to Grammie's to pick out a quilt for our son.

Happy Halloween 2007! Jarad, Mom, Dad and I set up for a nice BBQ dinner with the Gurr's. We then went Trick or Treating together. The best part of the night was receiving a knock on the door from Daniel, his lions and especially the Den mother. Matt heroically save Marshelle and his little lions (they were locked in their bedroom and survived off their 72-hour kit)!

Joanna and Grace--Beautiful Ballerinas! Nate--The Happy Cowboy! Spencer--The Star Football Player and Grant--Harry Potter!

Baby Boy Carter...Baby Shower fun on Friday night, November 2nd from 7-8:30p.m.

Cousin Olivia drinking the yummy green punch...a kind of tasty unspiked brew! The spread was delicious, the decorations fabulous and the company wonderful! Aunt Holly, Emily, Becca and Gina came all the way from Queen Creek! Thanks to everyone who came! It was wonderful! Our little boy has the cutest clothes!
Two of my favorite hikes--one with Jarad up Squaw Peak (Picasso) and another with Elana all around the Nature/Mormon Trails at South Mountain!