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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome Fall

Hatcher's Pass family camp out, September 2011

Woke up with frost everywhere and happy as can be!

The Fireweed has turned brilliant red.

Harvest moon, it was as bright as bright could be in the middle of the night.

Off to hike up to Reed's Lakes, early in the morning


Starting the climb up the boulders

Cai crossing the river by jumping over the rocks

Gathered and ate lots of blueberries.

Cai and I lasted only six miles.  He hiked four of them by himself.

We didn't make it all the way up to Reed's Lakes, but had a beautiful time trying.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The End of Summer Fun

In front of the Tlingit clan-house at the Alaskan Native Heritage Center

Jarad and Cai stretching out between two whale bones

Fun at the Alaska State Fair...Cai was so excited when he returned home, "I rode on a helicopter!"

785 pounds of pumpkin and our pie

Things grow, big, really big here with all the sunlight in the summer

Of course, Jarad took pictures of some of my favorite things to see...

Cai's favorite show at the State Fair- The Chinese Acrobats