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Monday, February 16, 2009

A Place for Kenai

Happy Birthday Cai!
His puppy Kenai.

Leila, Cai and I walked down to visit him; they let us take him home!

He was sad and missed his family.

Cai loves him so much.

We made him a little place.

"You're in the doghouse now..." Cai was scared to get in!

We worked on it as a family. It took a week.

We got up in the rafters where there was old wood and nails.

Jarad got to use his saw I got for Christmas though!

Building Kenai's house was no easy feat. We gave up once, opting to buy a pre-built home, but I'm so glad we stuck it out and stayed with the project. We had no idea what we were doing. It made a lot of great memories!

Cai and Kenai. Like I said, Cai gave Kenai a hug as soon as we took him out of his stroller.

His way of welcoming him home on February 15th. He's 8 weeks old.

Valentines Day

On Saturday, February 14th, we went out to the Beach to pick up Leila for the President's weekend/early Birthday fun! Before we went to the airport, Jarad was so sweet to take me down to Oceanside, to walk on the beach. I miss it. It was super windy though, so we opted for the Duck pond. It was so awesome to be together again! Jarad took us all out for a Valentine's Dinner at the Virginia Diner in Wakefield, VA. My Dad's going to love it. Everything is peanuty. They even have free peanut samples. (Dad, I got teary eyed thinking of you--I love you!) I even ordered their famous peanut pie in your honor. It was totally weird! I think you'll love it a lot. Just for you, Dad, Jarad had the country-fried steak, Leila had the pulled BBQ pork, and I had the famous Smithfield ham biscuit. Jarad and Leila had spoonbread, which I had never tried, it was so tasty! It was cute, they lit a candle at our table for the "romantic" atmosphere. Cai ate my food, but really loved Jarad's yams. It was so nice! Thank you again Jarad. I love you. He hung up Valentines all over the house for me, cleaned up the whole house and just played with Cai and I. We love the warmer weather, it's so lovely out there!