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Monday, June 23, 2008

First Air Show--Langley AFB

Langley AFB held the coolest Air Show! It's been a long time since I've been to one, but I loved it! The F-18's were so loud. They really scared me, well, I got kind of nervous for little Cai's ears, so I call it "The ear (com) plane Show!" Fun memories! Check out Joshy's ear plugs hanging out!
The Royal Air Force from England performed a fabulous show! I especially loved when the jets flew with the F22.
They had sky divers jump out and dive with the American Flag--I felt so proud of our Beautiful Flag waving in the sky. I love our country.
Two F22's--including a model for the future generation's eye level!

Katie and Bailey Joshy and Jarad
Heather flew in from Utah to be with Katie for a week and with us for another one! What a great way to start out the week! We love ya guys!


JUNE 16th
two handsome men at the Virginia Air and Space NASA Museum. Cai and I took Daddy here for Father's Day. We loved the Blue Planet IMAX--check it out if you can!
Cai's in deep thought...mmm...I'm ready to sleep!

We took a picture under JJ the jetfighter...not quite like JJ the jetplane (the Piper Cherokee we had up in Alaska).

Fun at the Beach!

June 11, 2008 Cai and my first playgroup with our friends--Jamie brought us to Chick's Beach, where we met up with all our friends. Chancy and her little beauty--Audrina, (down below) with Aiden and Parker playing in the sand. Jamie is the best because she loves people-- laughing and playing with us! I love how she gets right down with the kids and plays. Life's so fun with good friends.

Fun with Michelle Bingham!

June 2,3 and 4th--Michelle Bingham came down to visit us! It was so much fun to be together--talk, explore First Landing State Park with all the Bald Cypress trees and...can you find the frog in the swamp picture?
Most of all, we loved making Cai laugh and smile. He had his first "toe-in-the-ocean" experience. The waves were big and it was a little windy, but the best part is just being together. We love ya Michelle! Thanks so much for coming!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun at Katie's Place

Hi! We're going on vacation...again?! Mommy and Daddy take me on all types of crazy adventures! This time, we were in the car for about 5 hours, going to the Washington DC Temple and then over to my Auntie Katie's.

Cai's eyes are so big that the middles are usually red...um, that's why I colored in his pupil with black ink! Now, it looks really funny!
Katie is so fabulous! She planned the coolest graduation party for Aunt Cheryl! We had so much fun! We had the Valedictorian, Jarad Carter, give a speech and special certificate. It was so fun to play Speed Scrabble and a Jr. "Have You Seen It" (I think that's what it was called) game. Playing with Tucker and Cheryl is so fun because they're competitive with each other.

Tucker and Katie took us to The Virginia State Arboretum. It was so beautiful! We all loved watching Joshy pick the little white Daisey's and give one to Katie, Cheryl and I. Katie got these "Born in the USA" matching T-shirts for Cai and Bailey. We had fun trying to get the both of them to smile for a picture! Bailey is so adorable! (So is Cai!) WE love family!