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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

Joshyboy and Cai Grandma and Granpa with Jarad and Cai.

Family at the Italian Gardens, Maymont Park. Mom and Dad Carter at the Oriental Gardens. The weather was perfect!

On April 19th, Sunday, after Church we drove to Richmond to meet up with Mom and Dad Carter and the Bradley's. It was so much fun to see them. We walked around Maymont Park, which is even more beautiful in the Spring than the Fall! Monday, we hung out and talked. In the afternoon, we went to a Pharmacy down the street for burgers and shakes. It was okay, not like the Maltshoppe in Provo though. We enjoyed pushing Cai in the swings, reading to him in the library. I loved watching Mom play peek-a-boo with him under one of the kiddie tables at the library. On Tuesday, we worked together on the Thuja "Green Giants." Jarad and Dad cut and tacked down fabric protector (to kill the weeds growing in on the Thuja's). Mom pulled the trees up through the holes and drove Cai and I around in the tractor to deliver the big bags of mulch to the guys. Wednesday, about 3:50a.m. everyone left, now they're off to Cinncinati to see yet another loved grandbaby in the East (sort of East, I guess).

I love how Cai says, "cheese!" Thanks for coming! We love you! By the way, we found some interesting information about Canola Oil--there's always two sides to every story (some say it's harmful and of course all the Canola websites that use the product proport its goodness), but basically, it's derived from rapeseed, from the Mustard family of plants. Two Canadian scientist created their own type of plant, and called it Can (for Canadian) and ola (for oil) because Canadians were tired of importing their cooking oil. Now they export this stuff out and it's found in many products. Also found out that Magnolia tree should blossom mid-June...I'll be posting pictures if it really does!

Baby Shower, The Beach and Burying Cai

On Saturday, April 18th, we had a baby shower for my friend, Cheryl. Laura, Laura and I hosted it--with fun games, fabulous yummy food and not to mention, cute decorations (provided by me). It was so fun to be together, see all the cute baby girl outfits and gifts and just talk. I love those girls! I loved how many friends were close to my age and stage in life, giving me help, friendship and continual advice to this day; they teach me not only to be a better person, but help me to be a better mom. We had to show Cai the ocean before leaving. It was kinda windy and still a little cold, but Cai loved it! We buried him in the hole. If you can see, he's got a sand goatee going on. He got a mouthful of it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference


I believe in Christ. I know He's the Redeemer, the Savior and our Friend.

Today's April 6th. I love this day because it's a day I remember as His birth and that His Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was officially reorganized on this day. It's so wonderful to be a member. Today, we read from President Gordon B. Hinckley's little book, Stand a Little Taller, "April 6th GENERAL CONFERENCE "I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in teh assembly of the upright, and in the congregation." Psalm 111:1 General Conferences are held to strengthen our testimonies of this work, to fortify against tempations and sin, to lift our sights, to receive instruction concerning the programs of the Church and the pattern of our lives."

My favorite talk was given by Elder Holland. I learn so much about the Atonement and feel so much more deeply blessed by His gift when Elder Holland speaks of Christ. My favorite book is one he's written, Trusting Jesus. I felt the Spirit testify to me that President Monson is Christ's prophet during the closing song and video, "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet."

For Conference this year, we were with family. I couldn't have asked for a better place to be than with the Bradley's. I love that family. Every time I am with them, I learn a little more about how to be a happy mother and kind nurturer and better cook and friendly hostess. I'm so grateful for family.

It's amazing for me, sometimes, to think I have my own kid. Before we did, everyone said, "Church (and Conference) will be different when they come along, you won't be able to hear or learn or participate quiet like you did before..." It's true, it's different, but in so many good ways!

I loved watching General Conference with family, especially with Cai being a little older, sitting and listening...for a few minutes.
Tonight, for family home evening, Jarad shared what he learned from Priesthood meeting. While he was sharing, I was letting Cai watch his weekend with the volume turned down on the computer. Not 'til I put him to sleep, did I turn up the volume to make this video. If you'll listen closely, you'll hear Conference in the background! Even though I realize we were playing while taking these clips (not just the kids)--It's a two two-hour sessions each day for two days and I know the kids were watching and hearing glimpses and phrases of it, especially as Katie is so good at teaching, "There's the prophet" or "Were listening to the apostle"--the kids would stop and listen. I knew they were learning. Take time throughout the next six months to stop and listen www.lds.org. We'll be amazed at what we hear, see, and learn as we study, ponder and read/see the talks again, individually--it will all seem familiar, yet maybe a little new as the Spirit teaches you something you might have missed the first time --

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, you got me!

"My mommy was playing April Fools on you!"

Sorry, I couldn't resist. It was so funny. Thanks for the comments. I was laughing so hard...
So, it's Spring here. I love it. We planted tulip bulbs from Cornell University when we visited Ithaca. I love Ithaca. I could live there. We planted three bulbs, all the same color, but Kenai attacked one. It's dead. Not so Spring-like of him. We all went to the park, had a picnic. It was Cai's first time down a slide by himself. He did great! His favorite was the little merry-go-round in the backgroud. He didn't want to get off that thing. The bars were just the right size for him. After praying over the lunch, Cai astounded Jarad and I by saying, "Amen," as clearly as any preacher. Kenai always jumps on Cai, so I taught him to say, "Down!" Everytime we walk out the front door, even if we aren't close to Kenai...the first words out of Cai's mouth, "Down!" So, today, I'm cleaning up from lunch, it's super quiet in the back room, which isn't always a good thing. I say, "Cai, where are you buddy? What are you up to?" From the kitchen, I see him super speed crawl, like this kid was hauling it to hide himself. I say, "Cai, what are you doing?" dropping my stuff and walking quickly to catch him. He turns, firmly holds up his hand, and says, "Down!" I had to walk away, I was laughing so hard. It was a pen. He got into his Daddy's books, sorry Jarad--they don't look as bad as your computer. What about the Harry Potter marks, you ask? Well, for starters, yes, that really is my leg color after a long winter. And it's poison ivy. For Cai, hmmm....lesson one in my "Super Silly Things my Mom Did," book. I walked into a pine tree. Cai was on my shoulders. His poor face looked just like mine after a cross country skiing class in college. I was at the back of the line, the instructor was yelling out something. Come to find out too late, they were the telemark instructions before going down a big slope. I was the only one who didn't dodge the baby pine. Skiied right over the dang tree. He's lucky to have only one needle reminder of the accidental meeting. Sorry buddy!